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I have been neglecting LJ too much as of late. My real one and my… 
18th-Jun-2012 03:42 pm
I have been neglecting LJ too much as of late. My real one and my writing one. This is to be rectified. Now.

I mentioned I had been doing a lot of writing lately for new fandoms. Yep that is the case. I need to start posting what I've written here as well. Going to start working on that in the next few days, hopefully. Create a more stable sense of community with fellow writers.

24th-Jul-2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
Okay, so, this is Abbie. De-anoning. I swore I wouldn't, because my LJ is ooollld and hideously embarrassing. Please do me a favor and don't go look at it?? I'd be anon but you have that disabled...

Anyways, my cringing and whining aside, I had an offer for you. You said here that you love when stories touch on an idea and then that smaller detail is taken later and expounded on, but you often lose track of those details. Well, I can't offer to beta for you, sadly, because I'm doing the school thing and it's mostly kicking my ass (though it looks like the fall semester may kick my ass a little more gently, possibly, despite their being five classes each week instead of three.) But. I could maybe, when you post new chapters, try and snag what I think some of those interesting details are and copypaste them to a list you can keep handy for reminding purposes??

I don't know, it's probably a really dumb idea, but this was always one of the things I loved about having a sounding board/beta friend back when I was in the fanfic game for real. You have somebody else who is a step removed from the process who can help you keep up with those little, but possibly really important/useful bits that can fall by the writing wayside when your focus gets sucked into the whole giant scope of the thing.

Just something I thought I could maybe offer; feel absolutely free to say no, I swear I won't be offended at all. I don't want to be one of those budybody fans who pushily inserts themselves into the writing process, that's awful. But, if the idea tempts you, just let me know.
25th-Jul-2012 06:51 pm (UTC)

I've had some weird comments in the past, so- apologies for the forced de-anon. And hello! I'm sorry, but I did look at your journal a bit :D

I would love to take you up on your offer, with the respect that you have your own timeline, and the understanding that sometimes I get impatient for response XD. I don't know how those two factors would work except to say that I'm a pretty forgiving person regardless. On the whole, though, the idea sounds really good to me- plus it would help to just have someone there helping to keep me motivated. If anything, I'm just humbled and very appreciative that you tracked me down to write such a generous idea.

Also, apologies for not updating in a while. I've faced a seriously wall in motivation as well as some RL obligations. I've not given up on ITL but I might have to scale back on the magnitude I had originally planned. I hope you won't be horribly upset if that happens.
24th-Jul-2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
And apparently I managed to not comment on the relevant posting. My bad. Apologies.
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