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Shortcutting Redemption 
28th-Oct-2012 05:30 pm
Posted a new story to a three (four?) parter. Don't have time for more, unfortunately, and still have obligations with In the Lurch and perhaps Orion. ITL, definitely.

New story can be found at my ff.net page.

It is, of course, a crossover. Because I love them. Shut up.

The title is probably not completely accurate, but it was what I came up with in a few minutes of thinking, and I didn't really want to dedicate more of my thoughts to it. Basically, I wanted to showcase Sakura being a badass, but as with most of my fics, they turn into something with more introspection and detail than even I intend. I'm just as soul whose intentions are good.

The timeline takes place, after the Avengers movie, but before Iron Man 3. There are references to the general situation of Iron Man 3, but nothing detailed. For Naruto characters, the story takes place about ten years after the start of Naruto, and contains spoilers for up to chapter 600+. It hardly makes reference to anything in Shippuden at all, except for Sakura's abilities.

Enjoy :) Please leave a review, if you wish. I definitely don't mind discussing how awesome Sakura is, and how f'ed up the Avengers are.
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